The samples contained in the packs 1 to 14 were all created from scratch with my program "Freak Noise Creator". Before using them in your tracks or distributing them please read the license information. It is also included as a text file in every pack.

The samples are all in wave-format. Sampling-rates vary from real low (1000hz) up to 44khz. Because the samples were all created with their current sampling-frequencies this is not a matter of sound-quality. The samples were all automatically trimmed and normalized.

I generated all samples with a program i wrote from scratch: "freak noise creator" alias "FNC".

The archive containing the samples, the file_id.diz and the text file may be freely distributed as long as they remain unaltered and distribution is free of charge.

In the first two packs there come my favorite samples. There are effects, leads and percussion in #1 to #13. Pack #14 only contains percussion samples.

Don't hesitate to email me - for problems, criticism, praise (!:), ideas or whatever.

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