This site is kinda down. I will try to keep the filez online. Let me know if there are broken links. Did anybody ever try to use these samples as website sound effects?


FreakNoiseCreator Version 1.0 out now! Go get it at the program section! It's free!


From now on this site will be at


Yes, I am working on the new version of FNC but unfortunately it will take quite some more time until it will be finished. In the meantime you may get these new sample-packs: 15a 15b 15c
I created them for Chris\Liquidgroove-Productions(greets!) and they are mostly variations of only a few original samples. Now make tons of freakin trax and send them to me:).



There are two programs to tune your samples on the MAZ-soundpage.



         cover Check out this 9 CD-Rom sample pack at - loops, lines, synths, effects, etc.